About Le Mars

Le Mars Insurance Company

Serving Our Policyholders Since 1901

Le Mars Insurance Company is a property and casualty insurance company that provides full lines of personal, farm and commercial insurance products through independent agencies in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. We are a member company of the Donegal Insurance Group, a family of property and casualty insurance companies that operates across multiple regions of the United States.

Our company began in February of 1901 when a small group of Iowa farmers and business-owners, confronted with the risk of prairie fires, hail and windstorms, joined together to form German Mutual Insurance Association in Le Mars, Iowa.

When the United States entered into World War I in 1918, German Mutual changed the company name to Le Mars Mutual Insurance Association. In 1928 the company expanded writings to include automobile coverage.

In 1957, the name of the company was modified to Le Mars Mutual Insurance Company of Iowa. In 1969 Le Mars’ product portfolio was expanded to add casualty coverage, package policies and an increased fire line capacity.

In 1986, a new office facility was built in Le Mars. Also in that year the company expanded operations into the state of Nebraska after operating solely in the state of Iowa for 84 years.

In 1986, the company expansion continued with the entry of Le Mars Mutual into North and South Dakota through the acquisition of Sunshine Insurance Company of Sioux Falls. In 1987 Le Mars Mutual expanded into the state of Oklahoma.

In 2002, the policyholders approved a proposed affiliation between Le Mars Mutual and Donegal Mutual Insurance Company of Marietta, Pennsylvania. In October of 2003 the policyholders approved a proposed Plan of Conversion resulting in the Iowa Commissioner of Insurance approving the conversion on January 1, 2004. As a result of the conversion, Le Mars Mutual was demutualized and became Le Mars Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Donegal Group Inc. and member company of the Donegal Insurance Group.

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